RE-ELECT Will Goodon SOUTHWEST REGION Manitoba Metis Federation JUNE 14, 2022
RE-ELECT Will GoodonSOUTHWEST REGIONManitoba Metis FederationJUNE 14, 2022


Here's what you are saying about Will

“I fully endorse Will Goodon’s candidacy to stand as a regional executive of the MMF Southwest Region.  Will has extensive experience, formidable skills and knowledge and can be counted on to further the goals of his constituency and the Métis Nation as a whole.”

Barbara Bruce

"With the MMF Election upon us I’m grateful for the opportunity to work beside some amazing people. 

Will Goodon has demonstrated and defined what perseverance is, with the new builds in many communities, assisting with the Veteran Memorial Monuments and for being our voice on Climate Change. 

I support Will Goodon’s re-election. Will pays his respects to our fallen soldiers, listens to our Elders and works hard to ensure our Métis Citizens housing needs are taken care of.

Also being a former resident of the Southwest Region, I have nothing but pride and gratitude for all the hard work being done in my hometown of St. Eustache ❤️

Vote for Will Goodon"


Tree Branch

“Leaders instill in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. 
This is the leadership style Will Goodon possesses. That is why I will vote for Will on June 14."

Albert Beck

“On behalf of my extended family in the Southwest Region I endorse the re-election of Minister Will Goodon who is seeking a 3rd consecutive term as a representative of the Southwest Region to our National Government of the Red River Metis (the Manitoba Métis Federation Inc.)

Prior to serving as an elected official Minister Goodon he served  as a political adviser to David Chartrand, the longest standing President in the history of the Métis Nation.  During these years Will acquired a vast array of leadership skills, experience and knowledge.  He attended countless meetings at the grassroots, regional, provincial and national level.  Will was also present at all major trilateral negotiation meetings with external stakeholders of all levels of government.

He is also a passionate advocate for Métis harvesting rights and our right to oversee the ecological and environmental preservation of our Natural Resources within our traditional homeland.  Notably, he won a 5-year legal battle resulting landmark decision of high court ruling that upheld Métis harvesting rights pursuant to section 35 of the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms.

As a thoughtful analytical and active listener.  Over the years Will Goodon never bypassed the opportunity to learn from or to pay respects to our Métis elders.  

Minister Goodon is an eloquent speaker who has always been passionate about protecting and preserving the tradition the definition of the Métis Nation (of the Red River Settlement) as being a distinct historic nation of indigenous people,  descended from a traditional homeland with a distinct culture.  
Minister Goodon is a highly skilled negotiator capable of collaborating effectively with all levels of government to leverage funding for Métis community projects.  In Minister Goodon’s role as Minister of Housing & Property Management he oversaw the creation of daycares in the Southwest region and throughout the province.  He was instrumental in creating  affordable housing for Métis elders and families in a variety of Métis communities in the Southwest Region. And, he secured funding to tackle the issue of homelessness facing our most vulnerable Métis citizens.  He also ensured they had access to vital services in response to the unprecedented need arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Minister Goodon is a strong voice for the Métis Nation at home and abroad.  Whether he is representing Métis rights on the floor of the United Nations or the rights of Métis residential school survivors in Ottawa or in Rome, Minister Goodon has our back and our best interest a heart. 

Minister Goodon’s continued presence at Metis festivities and spiritual gatherings throughout the our region is a testimony to his genuine interest in engaging with Métis at the grassroots level.  

I am truly thankful to Minister Goodon and his wife Kelly Saunders and their family for their extraordinary sacrifice in relation to Minister Goodon’s demanding travel schedule and political responsibilities. 

We are confident that Minister Goodon will be re-elected on June 14th, 2022!  We know he will continue to be a strong voice for the Southwest Region and our historic Métis Nation.”

Bridgette Poitras
St Eustache Local
Southwest Region

“Minister Goodon is a fierce and lifelong advocate for the Métis Nation. Whether it’s implementing on-the-ground housing initiatives for citizens in Manitoba, chairing national events, or engaging with heads of state and Indigenous peoples in international fora, Minister Goodon places the Red River Métis at the center of his work. He invests in the technical as well as the political parts of the job and it shows. His depth of experience and ability to translate best practices into action have lead to real and meaningfully improved lives for MMF Citizens.”


Kyle Vermette

“Minister Goodon has shown the Red River Métis Youth across our homelands how important we are to our Nations future. He has taken time to build strong and meaningful relations with our Youth and the work he is doing for our people is genuine and full of passion. I’ve been given opportunity to view Minister Goodon as a mentor in many ways and I believe he will continue to serve his people with pride and compassion.”

Kyra De La Ronde, Provincial Metis Youth Chair

"A vote for Will Goodon is a vote for the future of the Metis Nation. Will is one of the most humble, and dedicated individuals I have met. Wether it’s presenting on housing issues or current events in the Metis Nation, or even taking the time to help out at local events, Will works tirelessly and passionately towards the advancement of the nation and its citizens. I can think of no better representative of the Red River Métis then Will Goodon. he definitely has my vote!"

    ⁃    Mike Beam (secretary/treasurer) Westman Local

"I haven't known Will since he was knee-high to a duck but I have known him for quite sometime. I find Will to be truthful and dedicated to the Metis community. His hard work and diligence is demonstrated in our housing programs. In addition to the housing program Will steps up to the plate where needed and assumes that role wholeheartedly and with professionalism. His capacity to chair a meeting or large assembly is admirable. 
Good luck in this election Will, you are an inspirational steward of the Red River Metis as well as an important steward of our homeland."

Joan Church, MMF Southwest Region Citizen

"You are such a strong presence and a person of integrity and honour, Will. So proud that you continue to respect and honour our shared Métis history . You and President Chartrand have brought our people more in the past 5 years than we could have ever managed. I am excited to see the next 5 years and our Métis Nation advancement with you leading the charge forward." #thankyouWill #metis #canada #RedrRiverManitobaMétisFederation #Métisselfgovernment

Darren Brown, MMF Red River Metis Citizen

"Minister Goodon understands that nation-building starts with providing opportunity for Metis citizens to improve their lives. His dedication to creating new housing, community facilities and infrastructure for the Red River Metis makes a difference for families and Elders. I endorse his efforts and encourage others to support his re-election."
Kade Ferris, MMF Citizen

"As a councillor for the RM of Cartier & a member of the MMF St. Eustache Local, I would definitely recommend Will Goodon for re-election, so that he can keep up the work he has been doing as Minister of Housing, and so much more."

Ken Beaudin, MMF St. Eustache Local

"Will Goodon is a proven and well-founded elected Metis representative who passionately and relentlessly defends the rights and identity of the Metis Nation. He has always been very approachable and addresses the issues promptly on any concerns I may have, whether as an elected representative of the MMF, or as a Red River Metis Citizen."

Landeyn Aymont, MMF Portage Local

"Whenever I've had a question or concern, Minister Goodon has been very quick to respond and has been very helpful."


Dennis Desjardins, MMF Citizen

"Please consider voting to re-elect Minister Will Goodon. Will is one of the most approachable and responsive Metis politicians I have ever met. Whether on a zoom meeting with our youth in schools or planning housing for our seniors, Will represents the Red River Metis with kindness, with knowledge and with integrity. 


So this year when you exercise your right to vote....Please consider voting to re-elect Will Goodon "For the Integrity of our Nation".


Kinanaskimotin and Maarsii."


Chris Yates, MMF Citizen

"Will is the quintessential ambassador for the Red River Metis, always willing to share his wealth of knowledge and experience. Since becoming Housing Minister, the MMF has become a leader in affordable housing initiatives."

Kris Desjarlais, Brandon

"We are rooting for you, Will! A vote for Will is a vote for more housing etc. He is transparent and you are lucky in Manitoba. We don't have much transparency here in SK. Much respect!"

Colleen Durocher Carriere, Saskatchewan

"You have my vote, Will.  You're not only one of our Southwest reps, you're a friend and I'm sure my family feels the same."

David Panko, MMF Portage la Prairie Local

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